As far as memory could reach and as handed down from one generation to another, Tocucan originally consists of the settlements of Tabfoy, Marupey, Fekes, Gawa, Lufok and Fanged spread from each other on opposite sides of the Chico River down to Barangay Betwagan in the Municipality of Sadanga. These settlements have a distance of more or less 1 to 2 kilometers away from each other village Tabfoy is the nearest to the present Barangay Tocucan.

 A pig of a certain family at village Tabfoy went up to a place now called Tarpog. The family found the pig and returned it to the pig pen, but it jumped out of its pig pen and returned to tarpog, hence the family followed the pig to Tarpog and settled there while the rest of their neighbours followed suit.

Surrounded by enemy tribes, the residents of the original settlements of Marupey, Fekes, Gawa and Fanged joined the Tabfoy residents together with Atatong, Agrayen and Konig. Majority of the residents of village Lufok went and established a new village called Lias, which is now called Municipality of Barlig.

Up to present, the residents of Lias could not forget their place of origin called Sitio Lufok, Tocucan wherein some natives of Gawa established their residence at the place called Chananaw at the Municipality of Tinglayan and others migrated to a place located in the Municipality of Besao called Agawa. The people of Agawa always say that wheneverthey smell sugar cane being cooked, it is harvest time at our motherland Tocucan; and whenever they smell the aroma of flowering orange trees, they are reminded of the orange tress they left in Tocucan.


  • Location and Boundaries

Barangay Tocucan has a total land area of 2,410 hectares.

Barangay Tocucan has a distance of 6 kilometers away from Poblacion (Bontoc) and is accessible by any kind of transportation  through the Bontoc-Kalinga road which traverses the community. Its adjacent barangays or boundaries include Sadanga on the North, Talubin on the South, Anabel, Sadanga on the East and Maligcong on the West

  • Type/Classification of Barangay

Rural  -           Upland           -           Agricultural



            Barangay Tocucan has a total household of 311 hosting a total population of 1,271, of which 644 are male while 627 are females. This is an indication that the population decreased compared to 2017 population 1,279.



            The Sangguniang Barangay of Tocucan envisions to provide integrity with a child friendly environment, God fearing and genuine unity concern for life and peaceful community


            To provide responsive services to the community by implementing the Barangay Ordinances involving everyone to work for maintenance of peace and order public safety and a clean and green environment.



            To fully implement the various programs, projects and activities contained in the Barangay Development Plan which was formulated thru participative planning.

  • To achieve 100% fully immunized children thru strengthened advocacy to mothers in the community.
  • To achieve 100% sanitary toilet construction in all households in the community.
  • To maintain a progressive and peaceful community with healthy people participating in all activities geared towards progress.


Punong Barangay: Wilbert A. Padngaran

Barangay Kagawad:

  • Rosenda T. Cattel
  • Vicente K. Wayyas
  • Albert L. Fey-awan, Jr.
  • Lorenzo A. Chenepsan
  • Eugene A. Farangya
  • Edwin M. Morareng
  • Gabriel C. Tikan
  • David T. Coycoyen - IPMR
  • Rainer W. Ekid- SK Chairperson

Barangay Secretary: Kate A. Morareng

Barangay Treasurer : Julie M. Kafuyao