Political Information

            Legal basis of creation                    Republic Act 2370

            Date of Ratification/Plebiscite       1908

            No. of registered voters                   1,735

            No. of precincts                                5

Physical Information

Geographical Location

Barangay Poblacion is bounded by the following barangay;


                                    North              :           Caluttit

                                    South             :           Bontoc Ili

                                    East                :           Samoki

                                    West               :           Bontoc Ili & Caluttit

            Type/Classification of Barangay

                                    Urban -           Upland and Commercial

            Total Land Area in hectares           -           32 has

            Major Economic Activity

                                    5%      Farming

                                    20%    Business

                                    49%    Employed

                                    26%    others

            Population Source: Registered Barangay Inhabitants (RBI)

                                    Number of Male       -           1,469

                                    Number of Female   -           1.556

                                    TOTAL                        -           3,052

            Number of Families                         -           653

            Number of HHs                                -           641

            Number of Labor Force                   -           2,020

            Number of Unemployed                 -           1,032





 An educational, cultural and arts center of the capital town of Bontoc, economically self-reliant and sustained by a peace-loving and empowered citizenry living within a well-balanced environment.


 A model barangay by providing basic services to its constituents through a friendly and participatory local governance approach.



Punong Barangay:  Glenn C. Saavedra, Sr.

Barangay Kagawad:

  • Tomasa O. Sangayab
  • Yul Brynner M. Bandonill
  • Alfred A. Lo
  • Leopoldo A. Khayad
  • Reynaldo F. Waytan
  • Alejandro R. Sarmiento, Jr.
  • Manuel B. Andrada, Sr.
  • Hazzley S. Vergara - SK Chairperson

Barangay Secretary: Maria Amalia L. Kalagui

Barangay Treasurer : Desiree C. Tamog-ong