Origin of the Barangay

Oral accounts of elders trace the origin of Maligcong people as far back as the time of the great flood where nobody supposedly survived. They recount that when the water started to recede, Lumawig (Bontoc God) decided to roam the earth and found a brother and a sister survivors. The brother found in Mount Kalawitan and the sister in Mount Amfomotngor, highest peak of Maligcong. These were believed to be the decendants of the legendary couple Fangan and Fukhan. The two eventually had children and that started the birth of the community.

Historical account  say that a couple, believed to be the descendants of Fangan and Fukhan, came down from Mount  Amfomotngor and settled first at kavel-lew then moved to Kadangran. Soon the population increased, the people created their sorroundings, built terraces and farmed the land.

Kadangran was prone to attack by tribal enemies so people decided to leave for Fa-ang. Fa-ang is an area located on the eastern part of Maligcong that has adequate water supply. However, Fa-ang was still attacked by enemies so again the people keep looking for safer place to live in.

One time a pregnant sow wondered away and found itself beside a Kongkonger ( big stone) where it give birth. The owner tried to force it to return but in vein. As a result, the couple and the family decided to establish their home near the Kongkonger which still exist at present. Since then, people from the original village Fa-ang joined them in what is now called the village of Maligcong. From then on, their tribal enemies never attacked the community.

The first church that was established in this barangay is the Anglican Church in 1930. This also served as the first school facility. In 1944 during the second world war, the Japanese soldiers burned the whole village, only one house was not razed by fire. The opening of the road started along the Bontoc- Mainit road to sub- sitio Fabuyan then down to Bontoc via Sito Filifid of Barangay Caluttit in 1977. The protesters were convinced in a long way.

 In 1995, the barangay was energized by the Mountain Province Electric Cooperative (MOPRECO).

Barangay Maligcong was created in 1908 as per republic act 3590, otherwise as the revised Barrio Charter.

In permanent settlement, the community had the following succession of leaders, first was Mr.Anongos, Mr. Awiglang, Mr. Chopchopen, Mr. Agkhos, Mr. Mava-ew and Sarofen. In 1946-1948 Mr. Lang-akan,1949- 1950 Mr Fngyod, 1951- 1956 Mr. Paducar, 1957-1961 Mr. Wanawan, 1962-1964 Mr Geofrey Lac-ayen, 1965- 1969 Mr. Kediam, 1970 -1982 Mr. Edward Cawed, 1982- 1985 Mr. Joseph Carlos, 1986- 1989 Mr. Gilbert Mangadchil, 1989-1995 Mr David Limmayog, 1994- 2007 Mr Herman Farnican, 2007 2010 Mr.James Fayofay,2010- 2013 Mr. Julio Lac-ayen, Clayton Cawed 2013- 2018 at   present Punong Barangay John C. Lac-ayen.

Brief Description of the Area

Barangay Maligcong is one of the 16 barangays of Bontoc of Mountain Province located at the upland zone of the Municipality. It is bounded on the north by barangay Mainit, on the South by Barangay Bontoc Ili, on the east by Barangay Tocucan, on the west by Barangay Guina-ang and on the northeast by the municipality of Sadanga.

Maligcong has seven scattered sitios namely Favarey, Fangorao, Ada-an, Fabuyan Maconig, Finakar, and Mayayat.


 Punong Barangay: John C. Lac-ayen

Barangay Kagawad:

  • Ruben K. Napa-eg
  • Isias L. Limayog
  • Anthony P. Pangowen
  • Eugene M. Chomanog
  • Augustine F. Carlos
  • Francis C. Gamsawen
  • Kenneth C. Sokoken
  • Manuel L. Chaluyen - IPMR
  • Jason A. Pursen - SK Chairperson

Barangay Secretary: Rachel F. Tullay 

Barangay Treasurer:Lynnette C. Forayang