Mainit is one of the sixteenth barangay of the Municipality of Bontoc. It is located upland, north of the municipality, bounded by Tubo, Abra (north), West of Barangay Dalican, South of Barangay Fedilisan, Sagada, on the North of Barangay Maligcong and Guina-ang Bontoc.

Barangay Mainit is accessible through 14.4 kilometers away fron Poblacion Bontoc.


Mainit has an elevation of 2,300 to 2,305 feet above sea level. Dominantly it has a moderate slope ranging from 25 to 29°.

As to its creation Mainit is one of the earliest village settlement in the Central Cordillera identified by the Spanish military expedition in the 16th century as mentioned in the book of Historian Dr. William Scott “The Discovery of the Igorot”.

It was created as a government political unit by Republic Act No. 3590 in 1908 creating Barangay among others.

“Originally, Mainit was named Chogliyan (beautiful). During the Spanish regime, a group of Arangli (village term for the Spaniards) explored the village during expeditions. A Filipino was one of them who spoke in Tagalog. They came across the hot spring and wonder the of the place. Aware of the villagers, who was observing them, one asked the name of the place but the villagers don’t understand the language. Out of curiosity, the Filipino dipped his fingers into the hot spring, then exclaimed mainit (hot), the villagers responded, so it was understood by the villagers that Mainit was the name of the Village. From then on the place was called Mainit.”



Legal Basis of creation                   RA 3590

Date of Ratification/Plebiscite       1908

No. of Registered Voters                1316

No. of Precincts                                7


Geographical Locational

            The Barangay Mainit is more or less 14.4 kilometers away from Centro/Poblacion bounded by the following Barangays;

            North----------------------Barangay Sacasacan

            South--------------------- Barangay Guina-ang

            East----------------------- Barangay Maligcong

            West---------------------- Barangay Dalican

Type/classification of Barangay

            Rural  -           Upland           -           Agricutural

Total Land Area in hectares --------------- 3,480 hectares

            Residential -------- 1%         

            Agricultural -------- 18%

            Forest ------------- 55%

            Grassland--------- 26%


            Roman Catholic       -           (6%)

            Anglican                    -           (87%)

            Baptist                        -           (4%)

            Others/TCCA            -           (3%)


            It is envisioned by the community to be a self-reliant Barangay thriving with good governance, agri-business and livelihood opportunities, independently managing their natural resources for sustainable development, living in peace, healthy, educated, spiritually upright, united and participative in the community and preserve culture.


            The community shall endeavour to work for the provision of better governance, livelihood alternatives and opportunities to improve farm technologies and productivity, strengthen indigenous knowledge and eventually raise the living standard of the people without disregarding the promotion of sustainable development to institutionalize the indigenous resources management that lead to the fulfilment of our vision.



 Punong Barangay:  Johnson B. Tangchor

Barangay Kagawad:

  1. Mario S. Cayabo
  2. Erlinda C. Fucang
  3. Rose S. Tarnate
  4. Manuel C. Mandi-it
  5. John P. Lapa-an
  6. Clayward K. Yoga
  7. Maria S. Besset

IPMR - Washington P. Sawi

SK Chairman - Evayan F. Chaloyen

Barangay Secretary - Eliza C. Lumachay

Barangay Treasurer - Judith P. Fongao