Long time ago, there were 3 siblings living in the western part of Dalican (name before the discovery and formalization). They live by farming and hunting animals for their daily food. They are Somngi, Aboli and Lapa-an the youngest. They distribute chores individually so that their way of living would be prosperous. Somngi is in charge of hunting animals. Aboli is in charge of field works and Lapa-an stays at home and do the rest.

            One day on its strong sunny day, Somngi went to the eastern mountains of their location. He brought with him hunting dog that helps him with his tough job. While they are roaming tracking every marks of their target, the suddenly ran towards random direction until it was lost. Somngi rushed to go over his dog by following the sound of barking he hears. He didn’t miss every sound he perceived until he got to the exact location of the barking.

            Somngi with his dog found out a spring surrounded by green grasses with same heights as they stood. He made a taste of the water coming out from the ground and it was naturally refreshing. He finally decided to tell their discovery to his brothers. As actioner, he rushed going home with his dog. As Somngi approaches home, his brothers felt down for he had nothing to bring with them. With his brother’s disappointments, he relieved it by telling the good news he had. His brothers felt surprised as if they want to see if it’s true what he had.

            Aboli who is in charge of farming felt really amazed for he won’t suffer from hardships for farming as a result of lacking water. At that very night, the three of them planed and decided to relocate themselves to the place nearby the spring. The immediately evacuated the area and rushed towards the location of the spring, upon reaching the place, Lapa-an and Aboli immediately refreshed themselves with the goodness of the water. Then they decided and agreed to live separately yet helping each other’s still. So they divided the area into 4. Somngi took the upper part of the slope, Aboli took the middle and Lapa-an hat the water part. They didn’t include any ownership of the spring for they are all responsible for it.

            During their settlement, they plan to give their houses names to recognize and termed it as Ato. Somngi named his house as Ato VAWA. Also Aboli had his own as Ato BOBO-ONG, lastly Lapa-an has his house named Ato KARANG-KANG. They also include the discussion of the place’s name and decided to have it as “LIKAYAN”. The three brothers lead every of their territory while it undergo development. Cultures and Traditions of them are properly practiced from generation to another. Until now, we still had the spring and even ancestral structures that the first settlers left us.



            We envision Barangay Dalican to be progressive resilient, eco-friendly, loving and peaceful community where everyone enjoys harmonious way of life and well preserved culture and traditions while promoting its tourism potential.


            We commit to perform and deliver efficient services better duties and responsibilities to carry out the plans and objectives of the Barangay through voluntary and excellence performance, most especially in the delivery of the basic needs such as improved roads and environment, health care, education housing and agriculture farming needs of the farmers and resident of the barangay.


            Barangay Dalican for a progressive community where residents are provided of the basic needs such as educations, security, proper waste management, livelihood projects for the various organization/association with concerned Government and private agencies for the full development of the barangay.



Punong Barangay: Reynald A. Waking

Barangay Kagawad:

  • Elmer B. Ana-as
  • Romel B. Banganan
  • June A. Kidmat
  • James A. Tal-udan
  • Wilson C. Domogen
  • Allyson A. Futalleg
  • James S. Maskay
  • James P. Bandanna - IPMR
  • Sherwin S. Chamkas - SK Chairperson 

Barangay Secretary: Marben A. Lapa-an

Barangay Treasurer: Elizabeth M. Layagan