The early settlers of Barangay Can-eo came from a place called TALIFONG. The dwellers of Talifong were delivered because of the SAKUKO (big snake) that keeps on appearing in the village to find food for her children. Whenever a person dies, the people will run and hide to avoid the Sakuko that will come to get the dead person and bring it to her children as food. This incident happens frequently so the people decided to plan and kill the sakuko. They made a fake dead body, dressing it with Tutu (skin of a particular wood usually used to cover the body of a dead person). They put burning charcoals inside the stomach of the fake dead body and left it in a place where the Sakuko can easily see. After a while, the Sakuko came, ate the fake dead body, and went away. Hours passed, the people heard the snake making loud noise, they felt the ground shaking because of its uncontrollable wriggling and they it explode into million pieces.

            After that circumstance, the villages got frightened because they were expecting the husband of the Sakuko to come and take revenge so the people decided to leave Talifong. The people left and reached LUFOK (Tocucan Territory) where they stayed for a few days but soon left because there was no water spring to water their rice fields. They left LUFOK and continued searching for a place where they can settle until they found a place called Amfag-ay. They water supply there was bountiful enough to water their rice field in Paranchey, Papallid, Tallok and Fekish so they decided to live there.

            Unfortunately, Amfag-ay cannot accommodate all the people of Talifong so some families left and went to another place until they came upon a place called named (Paingan). In there, they found a spring and made rice fields in Tenngay. The people who lived in Paingan are called Ikhanga. Some families went also to live in Hummad.

            Few months later, Amfag-ay and Ikhanga were already at their planting season while the Hummad were not. The Ihummad thought of inviting them to attend on their Chumno Festival. When the people of Amfag-ay and Ikhanga arrived in Hummad, the Ihummad were already at Mt. Falittoy playing gongs. Still, they followed them but upon reaching the place, the Ihummads left already heading to Mt. Inkillem, hiking while playing their gongs. Some of these people went and lived in Lias while the other families who were left in Mt. Inkillem went down and lived in
Talubin in Ban-ay. The Ikhangas went back to Khanga while the Amfag-ay people are the ones who stayed and lived in Hummad.

            Eventually, because of a pregnant pig that went missing, the Ihummad left Hummad and transferred to Papatay where they found the pig. The people decided to live there and named the place “Chaw-chawan”, “Kamem-an”, and “Memma-am” until it was now called CAN-EO.



Punong Barangay:  Edward S. Ochasan

Barangay Kagawad:

  • Johnny N. Mara
  • Edward F. Sarang-ey
  • Lorena T. Eskit
  • Paul A. Anongos
  • Rita S. Sianen
  • Jack B. Masilian
  • Wilbert L. Dulay
  • Daniel Afidchao: SK Chairperson 

Barangay Secretary - Sharon C. Mara

Barangay Treasurer - Adalyn S. Wanawan