Ages ago, in the northern part of Bontoc town, there existed a sitio named Chaley-ya with approximately five hectares of camote lots and rice paddies owned by the natives of Bontoc Ili. A time came when the government was in dire need of land space to put up government buildings. Hence, on the eastern side of the sitio Bontoc General Hospital was built with the aid of the American government. Farther towards the north, the Provincial Jail was built in the Bilibid area before the World War II broke out.

            The employees of the constructed buildings came from the other different barangays of Bontoc. The diversity of the population was increased by trade where the exchange of goods (especially salt) allowed people to come in and out of the area. Intermarriage also played a role in bringing people from other places. As such, others came from the different municipalities of the province and adjacent provinces like Kalinga, Ifugao, Isabela, and Benguet.

            From the different groups of people with their different dialects, they started putting up their dwelling in the Bilibid and hospital reservations, making them settlers of the place. With their different dialects, whenever the natives of Bontoc Ili came to work in their camote lots and rice fileds, they would also say about the people there, “Ke cha nakhalu-khalut!” Because of the intertwining (nakhalut) combination of the different people occupying the area, the name Caluttit sprung out.

            Today, Caluttit has a population of 1951 individuals (931 families). The barangay occupies 57 hectares.

            In 1984, the ever increasing number of households and population made it a separate barangay from Poblacion. Sum-at, White Village, Sac-angan, Lengsad,Pakkil, Pospos and Chalolog are found in this newly-created barangay. It is bounded in the east by the Chico River, on the west by the Guina-ang-Mainit Provincial Road, on the south by Tay-ok Creek, and on the north by the mountains Lukfufan and Faliling.

***Reference- TAWID: Celebrating 100 Years of Bontoc Township Experience



  • Political Information
  • Legal basis of creation Provincial ordinance No. 1 s, 1984
  • Date of Ratification/Plebiscite: August 5, 1984
  • of Registered Voters
  • of Precincts
  • Physical Information
  • Geographical Location

            Barangay Caluttit is more or less 6 kilometers from Central/Poblacion bounded by the following barangay;

                            North:       Barangay Bontoc Il

                           South:      Barangay Poblacion

                            East:         Barangay Samoki

                            West:        Barangay Bontoc Ili

  • Type/Classification of Barangay

            Urban, Upland and Commercial

  • Total Land Area in Hectares: 57
  • Residential – 38 Has
  • Agricultural – 11 Has
  • Industrial – 5 Has



            A community of health and happy people, cooperative and participative, yet remains to be self-reliant; living a peaceful, progressive and environment-friendly neighbourhood that has affected change towards sustainable development in the Barangay


            Barangay Caluttit shall vigorously work for the unity and cooperation among the Barangay residents in the attainment of peace, harmony, and progress, where the delivery of basic social services is improved; infrastructure facilities are enhanced, the people’s capacity to manage their own resources and organizations is strengthened, and stronger coordination and linkage with difficult of the government and private sector is fostered.


            To achieve the ultimate desired objective in a more effective way of carrying out services that will satisfy the fundamental needs of the people in a fast-improving, organized and well-secured community



Punong Barangay : Jimmy K. Cherwaken

Barangay Kagawad :

  • Montana F. Gasmeña
  • Richard A. Ngolab
  • Joseph T. Damayan
  • Jaime A. Kewan
  • Wilbur T. Wap
  • Aurelio Caesar P. Cariño, Sr.
  • Alice W. Villanueva
  • Felipe A. Awichen, Jr. - IPMR
  • Enver W. Caluza - SK Chairperson

Barangay Secretary - Reanna Y. Maglanga

Baangay Treasurer - Harvey Sheen W. Buanzi