Early History and Origin of the Bontoc Ili Igorot

            Postulated theories and assumption infer that the origin of the Bontoc Ili Igorots tribe was part of the wave of migrations which came to the Northern Luzon from the Southern Asian Mainland through land and bridges during the last glacial period between 12, 000 and 15, 000 BC. (Jenks 1905)

            Some historians and anthropologist claim that the Bontoc Ili Igorots are descendants of one of the four groups of Malay invaders who were barbarians or semi-civilized people. Other authorities theorized that they were Indonesians, but to the Bontoc Igorots, they believe and think otherwise. The Bontoc Ili Igorots, support their claim with the following tale;


            Once upon a time, the water level rose so high, submerging everything except for the peaks of tall mountains. Two siblings, a boy and a girl, together with their dog, survived the catastrophe because they climbed up the peak of Mount Porpor.

            Looking towards Mount Kalawitan from where they were, they saw smoke rising from its peak. Since the water level was still high, they sent their dog to get fire from where the smoke was rising. When the flood subsided, the river was what was left of it. The siblings descended from the mountain, got married, and set up residence in Bontoc Ili, building its original foundations.

            Since its establishment, the Ili has grown. The current population is 4,352 individuals from 993 families – the biggest population among all the Bontoc barangays. The atos of Longfoy, Choko, Ungkhan, Luwakhan, Pokisan, Song-uwan, Sig-ichan, Sipa-at(Kasupa-at), Law-ingan, Yadka, Langya(Mag-eo), Chagma, Khawa, Palop-o, Amkhawa and Chackong are found here. There is also an ato in Lanao.

            There used to be one or two ulogs for every ato in Bontoc Ili. Unknown to many, the ulogs also had names. In Omfeg were situated the ulogs of Masarchinas, I-iwiya, and Istarpug. In Pokisan, there was the Ulog of Isakya. Chao-ey had the Ulogs of Ikapya and Ipip-it. Ulog Illuya was in Chakalan,Ulog Chackong in Chackong, Ulog Iyusha in Fuyayeng, Ulog Ikhanwa in Fatayan, Ulog Itangtanga-chan, Mag-ew had the Ulog Langya. Ulog Filig Chagma was in Filig. UlogYadka was in Padpachog and Ulog Mapula in Fangyaw.

            In 1970’s the atos were crucial to village affairs. Ato Sig-ichan in particular determined when the tengao would be, which is before the time villagers would start preparing the rice paddies for planting. The designated crier of the ato would announce the tengao and no one would be allowed to work the fields, enter, nor leave the village. The neighboring ato, upon hearing this, would relay the same message. This would be repeated for the several atos until everyone would have been informed.

            At present, Bontoc Ili’s 2,469 hectares is shared among the sitios of Chackong,Fatayan,Lanao,Omfeg,Pokisan,, and Mag-eo/Filig. Like most of the barangays of the municipality, Bontoc Ili goes by three names. In traditional chants and songs of old men and women, this place is called “Cholya” and Khensachan”.

***Reference- TAWID: Celebrating 100 Years of Bontoc Township Experience

Geographical Profile

BARANGAY BONTOC ILI is one of the central barangays of the municipality of bontoc. It is 1. 5 kilometers from the town proper.

BARANGAY BONTOC ILI is bounded by the following barangays;

            North:             Barangay Guina-ang and Maligcong

            South:             Barangay Talubin

            East:               Barangay Caluttit, Poblacion, Samoki and Tocucan

            West:              Barangay Alab Oriente, Alab Proper


Urban – Upland _ Agricultural _ Commercial

Total Land Area in Hectares: 2,105. 11 has.


People – the Bontoc Ili Igorot heart is uniquely hospitable, loving and forgiving, brave and resilient. Their character, personality, and life are influenced by the existing and prevalent customs, traditions, and other prevalent indigenous beliefs and practices.

            Population 4,787 : (Source: Barangay Health Center)

Bontoc Ili has an aggregated population of 4,787 with 1,100 households distributed within its 12 sitios. Bontoc Ili has a land area of 2,105. 11 has.  Of the total land area of 470, 671. 644 Has is segregated for build-up area, 2,178,291.229 Has is for agriculture areas, 11,814802.95 Has for forest area.



Barangay Peace and Order Council of Barangay Bontoc Ili envisions a secure and progressive environment, healthy lifestyle and law abiding community that is God fearing, peaceful, self-reliant in solving issues encountered, where citizens feel secured.


To be an agent of the national government/local government/barangay government to bring programs and services  that benefit stakeholders, and to assist and actively participate in the implementation of the national laws/local ordinances/barangay ordinances in keeping Barangay Bontoc Ili free from all kinds of unlawful activities that will cause harm to the welfare of the constituents.


  • To maintain peace and order situation of the barangay through the regular foot patrol of the Barangay Tanod, Committee on Peace on Order and civilian volunteers to implement strictly ordinances on curfew on minors, liquor ban, and other related ordinance.
  • To ensure Peace and Order and safety and secure the ife of each and everyone and their properties as well.
  • To help formulate ordinances for the welfare of the community that is responsive in lessening the crime rate of the community.
  • To help formulate holistic intervention plan for the preservation and development of the barangay resources towards clean and protected environment.



Punong Barangay : Paula S. Pangesfan  

Barangay Kagawad:

  • Carlos F. Kensay, Jr.
  • Franklin T. Pachingel
  • Rosa W. Angannoy
  • Mary T. Kumalao
  • Gerald S. Kalang-ad
  • Antonio C. Pat-ogan
  • Eva Mila F. Fana-ang

IPMR - Clemente C. Poloc

SK Chairman - Michael Angelo C. Kiat-ong

Barangay Secretary - Nelia F. Sawad

Barangay Treasurer - Phoebe E. Tumingeb