Bontoc, Mountain Province –The Bontoc Municipal Government has been in talks with Smart Communications and Globe Telecommunications to urge them to improve their services in this capital town.

This is due to the constant and growing clamor of the people for the two network providers to upgrade their systems because of slow internet speed, unstable network signal especially during the occurrence of typhoons, and very slow response to calls for technical assistance.

Bontoc is where most transactions take place and where the largest numbers of network users are found considering that it is the seat of the municipal and provincial governments, national government agency provincial offices; and the center of commerce, trade, and education.

However, the general public is not satisfied with the services provided by Globe and Smart, and complaints are ever growing of wasting time and money in availing of their services.

Bontoc Mayor Franklin Odsey shared the same sentiments of the public, thus, urged Globe and Smart to act and address the complaints immediately.

“Globe and Smart users pay for the services they avail. Thus, it is just proper that both network providers continue to improve customers' overall quality of experience. There is an urgent need to improve connectivity as many business and government transactions depend on the internet. Even students and teachers need reliable internet service for research and school work. During emergencies and calamities, communication becomes even more vital." Odsey remarked.

With this, he urged the two network providers to provide the long-overdue upgrade of their infrastructure, put-up additional towers aside from the existing towers in place, and build towers in barangays where there is no network signal.

The mayor added that it is a win-win solution to the service providers and the customers as more users will avail of the services if they are satisfied. // Alpine L. Killa, Bontoc –LGU