Bontoc, Mountain Province -The municipal roads/ streets in this capital town are now named using the Bontoc terminologies, and street markers will be put-up by the Bontoc Municipal Government.

This, after the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Mountain Province, gave its green light for the implementation of Municipal Ordinance 317, s. 2020, “An Ordinance Naming Various Road/ Streets of the Municipality of Bontoc, Mountain Province and Appropriating Funds Thereof”.

The Sangguniang Bayan passed the ordinance recognizing the need to name the streets of Bontoc with the clamor of the public for street directions.

Bontoc is where most transactions take place considering that it is the seat of the municipal and provincial governments, national government agency provincial offices; and the center of commerce, trade, and education.

Bontoc Mayor Franklin Odsey approved the ordinance passed by the Sangguniang Bayan stating that this is also in consideration of the increasing number of tourists visiting the municipality that needs the Bontoc Street Map. Thus, the naming of streets and putting-up signage is a great help to the public in locating directions.

The road from Eric Ngelangel Building (fronting national road) to the United Church of Christ of the Philippines (UCCP) is named “Akfab Street”. Akfab is a wild plant with sweet-sour tasting fruit. Its fresh flower flowers serve as vegetables and flavoring condiment when dried.

The street from the Cooperative Bank of Mountain Province to the Mosomos residence is named “Fakeg Street”. Fakeg is a sweet- tasting black berry-like wild fruit.

The stretch of road from Solang Building to Felwa residence is named “Kayyab Street”. Kayyab is a Bontoc term for guava fruit.

The road from Chakas Building (fronting the national road) to the Bontoc Municipal Fire Station is named “Sengang Street”. Sengang is sweet sour-tasting wild fruit colored orange-red. When it is overripe, it is very sweet.

The road from Bayle Building to Pooten Building is called “Khiyag Street”. “Khiyag” is a native food container woven from rattan.

The stretch of road from the Girl Scout of the Philippines Building (fronting the national road) to the Provincial Government Building to the Philippine National Bank (PNB) is named “Appong Street”. Appong is a string of beads worn by Bontoc women to hold back their hair.

The street from Sawi Building to Tarnate Building is named “Layad Street”. Layad is a Bontoc terminology for love.
The road from the Youth Center facing Bontoc General Hospital down to the Apolinar’s Residence is named “Ayyoweng Street”. Ayyoweng is a Bontoc terminology for native chants.

The street from the Provincial Jail Junction going down to the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Compound is named “Tugwi Street”. Tugwi is a protective gear used to be worn by the Bontoc women as a shield against the rain, sunlight, and other elements.

The road from the Post Office to Pattig is named “Bishop Claver Road”.

It was stipulated in the ordinance that the municipal government shall appropriate P150, 000 for the fabrication and installation of street markers or signage posts to all the identified municipal roads.

Sangguniang Bayan member Jerome Tudlong, Jr., who sponsored the ordinance, thanked the mayor for his support to the endeavor of the council, the Sangguniang Bayan for passage of the ordinance, and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan for its approval for the implementation of the ordinance. // Alpine L. Killa, Bontoc –LGU