To foster a community that is literate, loves reading, informed on current events and aware of special knowledge.



To provide adequate, efficient and effective library services that promote learning, reading, information and research needs of the community.



  1. To provide library and information services responsive to the needs of the community
  2. To gather, organize and preserve the local historical documents
  3. To supplement the research and information needs of students, teachers, and other professionals in the community
  4. To provide opportunity for self-improvement
  5. To provide materials that entertain and enhances the individual’s enjoyment of life



1. Reader Services 

- Assists library users to available reading materials in the library.

- Process circulation of books: borrowing & returning

- deliver and pick up books to physically challenged library users ( senior citizens, pregnant women, PWDs)

2. Technical Services

- Receives and collate books (purchased/donated)

- Accessions, classifies, and catalogs books

- Repair and cover books 

* All classified reading materials are color coded and arranged alphabetically by author, except for the reference books which are arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification numbers.

  • Adult fiction - blue
  • Young adult fiction - pink
  • Children's books - red

3. IT Services

- Internet access, Tech4Ed, e-Government Services, Basic Computer Tutorials



1. Children Section  

  • The Standards for Philippine Public Libraries states that “the library must have children’s corner, where kids could obtain information thru reading books, focus and unobstructed from other readers and researchers aside from doing educational enhancement activities.”
  • This section includes books for beginner to accelerated readers.

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2. AVR/Discussion Room

  • This section is for clients who needs quiet time for reading or study. It can also be used for small meetings/ presentations and movie viewing.


 3. Young Adult Section

  • Collections in this section is intended for young adults 12-18 years of age. It also includes board games, jengga, starbooks, fun with math, and activity books like origami, drawing tutorials, etc.


4. Adult Fiction 


5. Reference Section

6. Periodical Section

7. Heritage Corner

  • The Standards for Philippine Public Libraries states that “the library shall maintain a collection on local history, culture and arts.”
  • This corner includes reading materials on Bontoc, artifacts and framed photos on sites of Bontoc.


8. BSP Corner

  • This corner was established thru a Memorandum of Understanding between the Bontoc LGU and Bangko Sentral. Its aim among others is to enhance the public’s understanding of the fundamental economic and financial concepts and issues affecting the economic development of the country.
  • It contains books, journals, reports and in-house magazines on economic and financial matters.


9. Philippine Laws

  • contains books on Philippine Laws, statutes.

10. Tech4Ed/Computer Section

This section is provided for free to be utilized by the public for their research online and other computer related works

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