Review and consolidate budget proposals of the different departments of the Local Government Unit.

Assist the Local Chief Executive in the preparation of Annual and Supplemental budgets.

Study and evaluate budgetary implications of proposed legislation and submit comments and recommendations thereon.

 Acts as members of the Local Finance Committee.

Review of Annual and Supplemental Budgets of the 16 Barangays


Vision:  An efficient and functional Municipal Budget Office to promote and establish transparency and accountability in all fiscal transactions of the Local Government Unit.


Mission:  To help attain Local Development thru formulation of sustainable Local Development Plans empowering individuals and the community in their participation in the  Budget process of the Local Government Unit; and To maximize resources based on well planned activities in the attainment of development.


Organizational Outcome: -To have a comprehensive participatory budget (annual/supplemental) that is clear, transparent, and ensures effective utilization of resources and tools in  attaining Municipal Development Goal to ensure that the municipality shall have equilibrium budgets; and to provide sound financial advice to the Municipal Mayor and Sanggunian members.

AIP Reference Code

Program/Project/Activity Description

Major Final Output

Performance/Output Indicator

Target for the Budget Year 2021

Proposed Budget for the Budget Year













Budget Preparation

-Comprehensive, participatory and transparent budget prepared

- Review and consolidate the budget proposals of the 17 offices of the LGU and 7 national line agencies


-Accurate and effective budgeting system




-100% Annual and Supplemental Budget prepared and submitted










Budget Authorization

Technical Assistance given to the SB in the analysis of Municipal Budget

--Timely submission of Executive Budget to the Sanggunian


-100% provided technical assistance to SB on queries made on the budget







Budget Review

-Technical review of 16 barangay budgets

-Efficient review of barangay Annual and supplemental budgets

- 100% Barangay annual and supplemental budgets of 16 barangay technically reviewed

-January to December






Budget Execution

Preparation of Quarterly Allotment Release Orders

-Timely preparation of Allotment Release Orders (AROs)

-100% quarterly allotment release order prepared







Certification of Obligation requests and purchase request as to availability of appropriations

-Efficient processing of vouchers and payrolls thru Obligation Requests

100% Certified obligation request and purchase request as to availability of appropriations

January- December






Budget Accountability

-Preparation of reports

-Efficient reporting of actual obligations as against allotment and appropriations as per object of expenditure

-100%Prepared and submitted monthly Financial Report of operations for General Fund and SEF that would reflect obligations incurred vis-à-vis the release allotments and available appropriations /SAAOB









Other administrative support Services

- Attendance to trainings and seminars; special meetings

-Efficient/trained Municipal Budget staffs


-100% trainings and seminars attended

-100% Attended special meetings

-January to December






-Inspection of INFRA projects

Efficient Inspection of INFRA projects

-100% Attended inspection of INFRA projects







Resource speaker on budgeting/Basic Life Support


100% Acted as Resource speaker on budgeting/Basic Life Support







-Participation as BAC TWG


100% participated as BAC TWG







Preparation of OPCR/IPCR

-Competent performance rating


-100% OPCR/IPCR prepared

January- December