PPAs and Frontline Services





RA9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of the Philippines I the general guideline of the SWM.(SWM)


1.      Preparation of 10-year Solid Waste Management Plan and other short-term SWM plans.

All Local Government Units are required to Prepare a Ten-year Solid Waste Management plan and have it approved by the National Solid Waste Commission(NSWC).

The Ten- Year Solid Waste Management Plan of Bontoc is on review by  the NSWC.

2.      Assist to Municipal Solid Waste Management Board (MSWMB) Meetings.

The MSWMB is being chaired by the municipal Mayor and co-chaired by MENRO so this office is responsible in initiating meeting and other activities of the board.

Quarterly Regular Meeting

3.      Information Education Campaign on SWM.

As to continuously remind and spread the awareness of the Bontoc people on the proper management of their wastes, we have to carry out a periodic IEC to the schools and at the barangay level. In the schools it may be symposium or class room to class room visits.


4.      Oplan Pera Sa Basura Program(OPSB)

This program aims to inculcate the participation of the students, teachers and school staffs in the waste management particularly in waste segregation and waste recycling. Waste segregation begins at home, workplace and schools and we believe that the children are effective in teaching their parents and all family members on how to segregate their basura.


5.      Green Police Program


To assist the MLGU and BLGU in monitoring the compliance of waste segregation at sources, we have the green police program where volunteers from the barangay and being supervised by the barangay LGU are to serve as watch to the constituents in the proper waste management. They were deputized that they can issue tickets to the violators and at the same time they are obliged to educate those who does not yet know the regulation based from the guidelines provided. 

Each Green police receives honorarium of P1,200/month as assistance of MLGU to the Barangay.

6.      Waste recycling Program

There are lots of residuals with potential for diversions like broken glasses/bottles or none-buyable bottle that are being accumulated at our waste facility coming from the different sources. We could not just burry it as it will deplete the space of the facility so we crush and mix to the cement turning it into construction materials.


7.      Reforestation Program

As MENRO a newly opened office, we are to start some forest protection program like establishment of tree-nursery for forest tree seedling propagation.






1.      Waste collection service


Since MENRO was established on year 2014, all the waste collection personnel previously handled by Municipal Engineering Office transferred to Environment Office in the sense that this office takes care of the SWM program.

Collection service is in the municipality is in accordance with the waste guidelines which covers the schedule of collection according to waste type.


2.       Driving and Operation of Municipal trucks and heavy equipment


It is this office who handles the waste facility, machines and heavy equipment of the Municipal government and we deliver the safe and responsible operation and driving.