Vision: The Municipal Tourism Office envisions Bontoc as a municipality with a profitable tourism industry, which showcases and sustains its values, heritage, cultural, and natural beauty.

Mission: To study, develop, preserve and promote cultural and natural attractions of Bontoc through the collaboration of the government, stakeholders, and the community, concurrently minimalizing the negative impacts of tourism.


  1. To sustain our cultural and natural wealth as per local, national or international protocols.
  2. To increase the number of tourist arrivals through promotion and advertisement.
  3. To make tourism as one of the municipality’s major source of income.
  4. Provide excellent visitor experience by having well-trained tourism front liners.
  5. Increase public awareness of the importance of tourism.
  6. Work as a proactive, effective, and efficient team focusing on actions that bring the most return on investment in the most sustainable way.

Programs and Activities

A. Product Developement

  1. Tourism Profiling
  2. SIte Improvement/Development
  3. Developement of tour packages

B. Policy and Institutional

  1. Technical assistance to the development of barangay tourism ordinace/developemn plan
  2. Creation of barangay tourism council
  3. implementation of tourism oridnances

C. Support Programs

  1. Capacity building for tourism stakehoders
  2. Enahncement of livelihood products
  3. Marketing and promotions
  4. Technical assitance to the organization of community-based tourism organizations

D. Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. Validation of tourism sites
  2. Collection/Collection of data on tourist arrival

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