1. Municipal Ordinance No.81 s. 2005 - An Ordinance enacting the Bontoc Public Market Policies and Guidelines.
  2. Municipal Ordinance No. 63 s. 2001- An ordinance delineating the Flea Market Area during market days in the municipality of Bontoc, Mountain Province.
  3. Municipal Ordinance No. 64 s. 2001- An Ordinance designating Saturdays and Sundays as official Market Days in the Municipality of Bontoc, Mt. Province.
  4. Municipal Ordinance No. 69 s. 2003- An Ordinance Amending Section 2 of Municipal Ordinance No. 64 s. 2001.
  5. Municipal Ordinance No. 37 s. 1997 - An Ordinance confining the display of wet products for sale at the designated sections inside the market premises of the Bontoc Public Market in the Municipality of Bontoc.
  6. Municipal Ordinance No. 82 s. 2005- An Ordinance creating the Bontoc Business Task Force, Its composition and defining its powers and functions.
  7. Municipal Ordinance No. 92 s. 2006- An Ordinance supplementary to Municipal Ordinance No. 82 s. 2005 and providing and designating additional members of the Bontoc Business Task Force.
  8. Municipal Ordinance No. 97 s. 2006- An Ordinance Declaring some revenues from the Bontoc Public Market as Trust Account and automatically appropriating aforesaid revenues for payment of the loan to the Local Government Finance and Development (LOGOFIND).
  9. Municipal Ordinance No. 80 s. 2005- An Ordinance amending section 3 and 5 of Municipal Ordinance No. 75 s. 2004 otherwise known as the Rental Rates at the New Bontoc Public Market.
  10. Resolution No. 147 s. 2005- A resolution approving Bontoc Ili Barangay Resolution No. 13 s. 2005, and allowing individual hog raisers to sell meat at Katikkid, Foyayeng, Bontoc, Mt. Province.
  11. Resolution No. 96 s. 2004 - A resolution causing the inclusion of the Municipal Agriculture Office as a member of the Bontoc Public Market Composite Team, and which members shall be designated/appointed by the Municipal Mayor.
  12. Municipal Ordinance No. 75 s. 2004- An ordinance enacting the rental rates at the New Bontoc Public Market.
  13. Resolution No. 25 s. 2006 - A resolution granting legislative authorization for the introduction of accordion doors for the dry goods stalls and back doors to the serving areas of the coffee shop stalls at the second floor of the Bontoc Public Market.
  14. Resolution No. 53 s. 2005 - A resolution approving the final list of market lessees over the stalls, booths and open spaces at the new Bontoc Public Market and authorizing the Municipal Mayor to sign for and in behalf of the Municipality on Contracts Of Lease with lessees.