Programs, Projects and Activities (PPAs)


            In line with the Civil Service Commission’s thrust to transform the Human Resource Management of all government agencies from its administrative and transactional orientation to being strategic and developmental, the Commission issued CSC Memo Circular no. 24, s. of 2016 or the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management or PRIME-HRM.

            The CSC first administered the Prime-HRM Self-Assessment to the different agencies’ HRMOs to understand the HR Maturity level indicators of each agency through the accomplishment of the Self-Assessment Tool from 2016 -2017.    CSC-Mountain Province Field Office then conducted meetings/conversations with MP  Agencies’ HRMOs on the second quarter of 2018   for the basic orientation and briefing on PRIME-HRM.


            There are Four (4) Prime HRM Core Areas namely 1). Recruitment, Selection and Placement;  2). Performance Management;   3). Learning and Development and  4).  Rewards and Recognition.  The PRIME-HRM Assessment provides an avenue for LGU-Bontoc through the HR Office to revisit its systems and procedures, improve and enhance policies to adapt with developing strategies and cope with modern technologies or requirements.

            Through the PRIME-HRM, it is expected that the systems, procedures and competencies of the officials and employees of LGU-Bontoc will be improved.  This will eventually result to a more productive and highly motivated workforce resulting to a more efficient delivery of service to the public.


LGU-Bontoc adheres to the principle  of merit, fitness and equality.  The selection of candidates for appointment shall be based on their qualifications and competence to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position.  There shall be no discrimination in the selection of employees on account of age, sexual orientation and gender identity, civil status, PWD, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation or other similar factors.  Job vacancies are published in the CSC Website Job Portal, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and posted in three conspicuous public areas in the municipality. 

LGU-Bontoc has a Revised Merit Selection Plan (MSP) duly approved by the CSC last June 3, 2019 and fully implemented.  A PSB/HRMPSB Committee is fully organized and active in its functions and responsibilities. 


The number one tool of performance management is a functional Strategic Performance

Management System (SPMS).   The SPMS as a core management tool will not only provide a scientific and verifiable basis in assessing the municipal government’s  organizational performance and the collective performance of its employees but gives emphasis as well to strategic alignment of the Mun. Government’s thrusts with the day-to-day operations of its departments/units.  The system puts emphasis on major final outputs and outcomes, the use of success indicators (measures and targets) in measuring results and the interventions in development planning.

The SPMS of LGU Bontoc was the first SPMS of Mountain Province to be crafted, pilot tested and approved on 2013.  We have a an active Performance Management Team (PMT) who sets consultation meetings with office heads for the purpose of discussing office targets and ensure that office targets and measures are aligned with those of the agency.   Last July 9, 2020, we did a review, orientation and briefing on our SPMS and is now on the process of doing an enhancement of our office’ performance standards.


LGU-Bontoc shall provide the employees with learning development interventions

that are responsive to addressing competency gaps or enhance the knowledge, skill and attributes necessary for career growth and advancement. 

            A learning needs survey was done this second quarter to determine the needs of our employees for a local/in-house trainings/seminars if possible especially since outside trainings and seminars are not available  now  due to the pandemic. An in house training/seminar  for employees is expected before the year 2020 ends.


LGU-Bontoc through the years had been excelling in its performance target garnering awards from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and other agencies.  Such prestige has been achieved though concerted efforts of all municipal personnel but with exemplary performance of some. 

Noteworthy to mention is the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) received by the officials and employees of LGU-Bontoc for FY 2019 last June 30, 2020.  LGU-Bontoc is the only LGU in Mountain Province and among the only four municipal governments in the CAR that met the standards set by the National Government for LGUs to become eligible for the 2019 PBB.  The PBB is a top-up bonus given to employees  based on their performance and contribution to the accomplishment of their department’s over all targets and commitments introduced by the Aquino Administration in 2012 to reward and encourage exemplary performance among public servants in the government.

The PBB rate of each employee was based on the performance ranking of the employee’s office or delivery unit thus offices were categorized as Best Delivery Unit, Better Delivery Unit and Good Delivery Unit.  The Municipal Accounting Office and the Municipal Budget Office were categorized Best Delivery Units so the employees under them were given 65% of their monthly basic salary.  The MHO, Mun. Library, OMAG, Mayor’s Office and the  HRM Office  were categorized as Better Delivery Unit and employees were given 57.5% of their monthly basic salary.  All the other offices were classified as Good Delivery Unit and their employees were given 50% of their monthly basic salary.

The Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) bonus was also given to the municipal employees and officials for the years 2013, 2017 and 2019.  The 2019 CNA bonus was given based on 70% of PPAs implemented.

            The LGU-BONTOC PRAISE Committee was also reorganized to establish a system of incentives and awards and motivate employees for their performance and conduct, to  monitor the exemplary performance of  those worthy of praise, and for them to be given simple tokens of recognition with the hope that other employees would be challenged to emulate the same.